Web application implementation
This is a service designed to relieve you of web application technical implementation. This service is for you if you need an application that is hosted on the Internet or your intranet, but do not want to be bothered with all the technical details of a web application, such as
  • how to create JavaScript, XML, Web Services,
  • how to present dynamic HTML,
  • how to secure a website,
  • how to make it run faster,
  • how to store all user activities for monitoring,
  • how to handle and store all exceptions,
  • how to enforce a proper naming convention for easy future maintenance,
  • how to keep histories for future data warehouse and data mining,
To use this service, you need one good business analyst, who will be your contact point and will provide us with a web application specification document, and at least a logical model of the database for the web application. (A physical model will help, but if you are too busy, we could produce one for you. If you need us to produce the specification and/or the logical model for you, you need to use our Web application design service.) You will also need at least two physical web servers and probably also two SQL servers, one for your UAT environment, and the other for your production environment. When we complete the implementation, we will send the installation files to you with deployment instructions. You will deploy the implementation to your UAT environment, and do user acceptance testing. When your testers and/or business users are happy with the implementation, you will deploy it to your production environment.
We will use our express SQL Server database implementation service to create the database according to the physical model. The initial database implementation will be delivered within probably two weeks, after the physical model is agreed by you and by us. It takes probably take another 4-8 weeks to build a basic front end, a basic middle tier and a basic data service tier, provided that you have a clear document for your design. New features and/or change requirements of the web application will be delivered in subsequent iterations.
To start the subscription, please use our online subscription form. When we receive your request for subscription, we will first assess our resource availability. We will not accept your subscription if we do not have adequate resources. If we accept your subscription, we will assign an expert as our contact point. All requests for implementation and maintenance will go though your contact point to our contact point, and vise versa.
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