Express services for design and implementation of
  • SQL Server database.
  • Web application.
  • Data warehouse.
  • Data mining.
The services are available separately. For example, you could order the implementation service alone.
How fast
It is our experience that our services will save you at least 2/3 time and half the number of developers. For example, if a web application normally takes 12 months to design and implement (with 1 project manager, 1 business analyst, 4 developers and 1 tester), it will probably take us 4 months (with 1 project manager, 1 business analyst and 1 developer). If you have a mature design for both data storage and business rules, our implementation service will save you much more time. More details here.
Why so fast
We store the design details as metadata. The database and the application tiers are built from the metadata with 100% automation at stage I, and around 95% at stage II.
If a change is required, the metadata are changed, and the database and the application tiers are easily rebuilt. More details here.
What do you get
  • SQL DATABASE: all tables and shadow history tables, views, stored procedures, user defined functions, etc. and system technical documentation. More details here.

  • WEB APPLICATION: presentation tier, domain tier, data service tier, SQL Server database, and system technical documentation.

  • DATA WAREHOUSE: staging, ODS, data marts, cubes, SQL Server ETL SSIS packages containing parallel processing logic, reports, and system technical documentation.

  • OTHERS: you let us know, and we will build the product.
Platform / Technologies
Microsoft Windows, SQL Server, Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, C#.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, JScript, and other related technologies.
1. Fast turn around.

An application generated by us can be modified easily by altering its metadata. Any part of an application can be re-generated by us within minutes once the changes to the metadata are complete.

The short period of implementation time enables the end users to see what they are going to get very quickly, which provides a common base for the communication between the designers and the end users. Our implementation services make it much easier to follow the Agile software development methodology, enabling shorter and more frequent iterations, achieving much faster and more reliable end results.

2. Project management made easy, because
  • You can concentrate on business analysis, we will do the implementation, if you choose to use our express implementation service(s) alone.

  • No need to enforce naming convention, coding practice, etc. on your part. We make sure the most appropriate naming convention, coding practice, etc. are followed.

  • No need to worry about recruiting and training programmers.

3. Inexpensive. We could potentially save you large amount of funding.
4. Budget management made easy, because with a subscription fee on a yearly basis, there are no surprises.
5. Carefully secured web application. Our web application validates user input and removes unexpected characters from user input both at the front end and in the middle tier using different methods. The data service tier interacts with the database using only parametized stored procedures. The SQL account to access the SQL server, for example, is excluded from the db_datareader role. This adds tight security to your web applications. ;
6. Easy user activity monitoring. Our web application keeps all history, read or write. Therefore, you can trace all user activities. This adds another layer of security.
7. Web application database ready for data warehouse. For example, as all history is kept in the database in separate tables, your future data warehouse's type II history is ready.
More information
Security depends on many diffent parts of all systems involved, including Windows operating system, physical access to your servers, etc. We will secure your web application as much as possible. All the systems involved need to be constantly monitored to prevent and stop possible security breaches.

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